Miniature Paintings of India - Explore the Delicacy and Detailing of Art

India is Famous for it's Miniature Paintings. Miniature Paintings of India Involve a Lot Of Detailing and Delicacy. A Magnifying glass is needed to look at the Level of Detailing the Miniature Art Is being done, if the Indian Miniature Art is Looked from Distance it would Look Beautiful, but when looked closely you wont be able to stop yourself from Admiring the Delicacy and the Detailing of the Indian Miniature Art. A  Number of Painting Mediums and the Painting Surfaces are used to Paint the Miniature Paintings of India.

Mughal Miniature Painting of India

Common Surfaces are Silk, Old Paper, Synthetic Ivory, Canvas, Cotton Cloth, Marble and many more on which Miniature Painting is being done.

Different types of Brushes are too used to Paint the Indian Miniature Paintings which has Squirrel Hair. To Paint the Extreme Detailing of the Art, one Hair Squirrel Brush is Used. To Cover the Brush used in the Art, you can see this Article of JeeMirza

Indian Miniature Paintings have also been used to Depict the History.

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Mughal Paintings

Rajasthani Paintings

Portrait Artwork 

Battle Scene, Hunting and War Paintings

Pichwai Painting

 Origin of Miniature Paintings Of India

The Origin of the Indian Miniature Painting came in the 10th and the 11th Century, The Existence of Miniature Art came in the Form Of Illustrations that were Etched on the Palm Leaf Manuscripts. These Manuscripts included the Life of Buddhism and Jainism. Early Signs of the Miniature were mainly on the boxes.

Mughal Love Scene

 In the Eastern India, the Miniature Art was done from the 10th Century, Depicting the Life of Buddha which were being Painted on the Leaves. And the Influence of the Art can be seen in the Temples in Bagan and Myanmar. Early Miniature Paintings was also been Done on the Cloth.

In the Western India, Miniature Painting was done from the 11th Century, and a lot of Gold was used in the Art. 

With the Advent of the Persian Miniatures, Paper replaces the Leaf as the Surface of the Art.

Mughal Love Scene

Mughal Paintings

Mughal Paintings took it's shape during the 16th and the 19th Centuries during the period of the Mughal Empire in the India. 

Mughal Paintings was lot in a way inspired from the Persian Miniatures, Rajput, Pahari and the Deccan Style of the Paintings. 

Mughal Emperors wanted a Visual Representation of themselves so they took the Miniature Artist During their Hunting and Battle Expeditions. And the Same has been Visualized in our Hunting and Battle Scene Collection

Mughal Maharajah Portrait Painting

During the Akbar' reign, Miniature Paintings became more Popular as he had Employed more than 100 Artists from Gujarat, Gwalior and Kashmir and gave a birth to a new school of painting known as Mughal School of Indian Miniature Paintings.

During the Akbar's Reign the Palace were made in the Miniature Paintings. And after his Reign, Jahangir introduced the Nature, Portraits and the Darbar Scenes in the Miniature Paintings of India. 

Mughal Portrait Indian Miniature Painting

Shah Jahan too Continued with the Miniature Paintings of India. 

Aurangzeb did not had much Interest in the Miniature Paintings, due to which many Artist too migrated to the Decan. 

Rajasthani Miniature Painting

Due to the Aurangzeb, many Artist had Migrated to Deccan. Rajput, Rajasthani Miniature Paintings had developed from the late 16th Century. Mughal Paintings involved a lot of Royal Life and Luxury.

In Rajasthani Indian Miniature Paintings, a number of themes Krishna Life , Love Stories Of Krishna, Pichwai Art, Landscapes, events of epics like the Mahabharata and Ramayana were Depicted. Miniature Art was also done on the Havelis, Walls of Palaces, Forts.

Radha Krishna Painting

Rajasthani Paintings too Developed a Grouping of Mewar, Marwar and the Hadoti School.

Pahari Art

Pahari style too developed during the 17th to the 19th Century, that is an extension to the Rajasthani Miniature Paintings originated from the Himalayan Kingdoms of the North India. Pahari Paintings grew out more from the Mughal Paintings. and appreciated mostly by the Rajput Kings. Schools of the Pahari Art included the Guler School, Kangra School, Basohli School, Chamba School and Garhwal School.

The Kangra style reached it's peak with the Paintings of Krishna and Radha. 

Pahari Painting

Deccan Paintings

Islamic Deccan Art


The Decan style of the Paintings, was produced in the Deccan Part of the Central India. The Main Period the Deccan Paintings was late 16th and the mid 17th Century. They were independent of the Mughal Influencers. 

Compared to the Mughal Art, that was evolving around the same time to the North. Deccan Painting exceeded in the Sophistication, Colour and the Luxury of Art. Notable Differences were also the Painting of Faces which were expertly modelled.


Rajasthani Udaipur Painting


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Mughal Paintings

Rajasthani Paintings

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Battle Scene, Hunting and War Paintings

Pichwai Painting

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Portrait Artwork 

Krishna Radha Artworks

Rajasthani and Mughal Lady Ragini Art

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