1. What are the Payment Options Supported?

Currently We are Supporting Paypal and Card Payment. The Paypal is Used Globally For the Transaction and is 100% Secure. Plus if You want to send by Other Means then you can Contact us through The Contact Us Page or send us the Mail at

**** If Your Card Is Located in India(Customers who Live in India) would be Facing Payment Issues as Stripe and Paypal has Halted their Operation In India, so Customers from India Please Contact us Through Our Contact Us Page, we would Provide you the Alternative Payment Methods.

2. When Will the Item Be Shipped?

The Artwork Would be Shipped Within 1-2 Days of Cleared Payment. The Tracking Number Would also be Provided on the Same Day.

3. What is the Premium Shipping Option?

We Have also provided the Premium Shipping Option if you need the Artwork Urgent so in that case We Would be Shipping Through the Fastest Service Possible.

4.  What is the Return Policy?

In Case You have Received a Damaged Product, then We do Provide a 14 Day Return Policy.Though Since Inception, We have n't had a Disappointed Customer with their Purchase, and we have n't received any Request For Return.

5. Do You Customize the Artworks or take the Orders?

Yes if you have something we can too work on that, for that too you can mail us at 

6. Do You Frame The Artworks?

We Do have Provided a Framed Paintings Category where some of the Paintings we had Framed. But if you want the Artwork to be Framed, then you Contact us. Framing Charges would be extra but We Would do the Framing and provide the different Varieties in it too.

7. Is Gift Wrapping Service Available?

Yes We Do Provide Gift Wrapping of All the Artworks at no Extra Cost. You can Mail Us For that after you have Bought The Artwork

8. Do You Provide Detailed Information about any Particular Painting?

In the Description of Artwork, we Have Provided the Information of the Artwork. Plus if you want to know more about the Artwork, we would be happy to provide you the information as there are many Historical Painting with which Many History and Information is Associated, then you can email us to

9. How Can I Contact You?

You can reach us through the Contact Us Page or can email us to

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