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Royal Rajput Maharajah King Indian Miniature Portrait Painting Art

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Indian Maharajah Portrait Artwork

* Painting Size (inch) :-  13 by 1.0 inches

Original/Reproduction :- Original

* Style :- Miniature

Region of Origin:- Rajasthan (INDIA)

*Medium of Painting:- Paper

*Quantity Type:- Single Piece Work

A Royal Maharajah has been Depicted in the Artwork. The Medium of the Art is Natural Colours and the Art has been done on the Paper.

This Art is with History and Meaning and Bring a sense of Royalness when you own it.

The Work is Very Deep as you can Admire the Beard of the Maharajas. A Number of Day have gone in bringing it to the Perfection.

In Earlier times, Maharaja's and Kings used to Love Photography and this is a Representation of the Same.

The Artworks on Art Udaipur are With Meaning and are Meaningful. This Beautiful Traditional Indian Miniature can Bring Royalness, Luxuriness to your Art Collection.

This Portrait Artwork involves a Lot of Detailing and a lot of Research too.

The Research Includes about the Maharajah's Lifestyle, Behaviour and Keeping in mind this Portrait Art has been Painted.

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