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Udaipur Framed Procession Indian Miniature Framed Painting Sunset Wall Decor

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Udaipur Framed Procession Indian Miniature Framed Painting Sunset

 Artwork Description -

* Painting Size (inch) :-  12 by 8 inches

* Frame Size (inch) :-  16 by 12 inches

* Original/Reproduction :- Original

* Style :- Miniature

Region of Origin:- Rajasthan (INDIA)

*Painting Surface:- Synthetic Ivory

*Quantity Type:- Single Piece Work

This is a very fine piece of Art painted on Synthetic Ivory.  It is very rare find piece like this online but at ARTUDAIPUR we sell the best Miniature at the best prices. In the Painting, you can see a Beautiful Indian Procession painted with very delicate work with squirrel hair brush. Only Natural Colors and Squirrel hair brushes are used to paint this masterpiece.

Sunset Theme has been used in this Artwork and it shows many places of Udaipur such as Jagdish Temple, JagMandir, City Palace and Monsoon Palace.

Painting on Synthetic Ivory requires a Lot Of Skill and Patience. In this Artwork we Have tried to Depict the Rajasthan Udaipur City where many places like City Palace, JagMandir, Monsoon Palace have been Shown. Off White Mount has been used with the Golden Frame that Gives a Very Authentic and Royal Feeling.

There are 2 Different Versions of this Painting that you might too want to have a look that are Painted with theme and keeping Season in Mind-->

1. Blue Theme Udaipur City Painting

2. Vibrant Theme Udaipur City Painting

The work is very Detailed and is a great representation of Udaipur City.

This Artwork Would Definitely Attract you if you like Meaningful Artwork or want to Information or History about the Painting.

We Have too Created a Category of Exquisite Framed Paintings that you might too want to have a look.

Framed Painting Can be a Good Home Decor Option or to put on a Wall too that can enhance your Beauty of Home.



Jagdish Temple is a large Hindu temple in the middle of Udaipur in Rajasthan, just outside the royal palace. It has been in continuous worship since 1651. A big tourist attraction, the temple was originally called the temple of Jagannath Rai but is now called Jagdish-ji. It is a major monument in Udaipur.


Jag Mandir is a palace built on an island in the Lake Pichola. It is also called the "Lake Garden Palace". The palace is located in Udaipur city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Its construction is credited to three Maharanas of the Sisodia Rajputs of Mewar kingdom. The construction of the palace was started in 1551 by Maharana Amar Singh, continued by Maharana Karan Singh (1620–1628) and finally completed by Maharana Jagat Singh I (1628–1652). It is named as "Jagat Mandir" in honour of the last named Maharana Jagat Singh. The royal family used the palace as a summer resort and pleasure palace for holding parties. The palace served as a refuge to asylum seekers on two separate occasions.


City Palace, Udaipur is a palace complex situated in the city of Udaipur in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It was built over a period of nearly 400 years, with contributions from several rulers of the Mewar dynasty. Its construction began in 1553, started by Maharana Udai Singh II of the Sisodia Rajput family as he shifted his capital from the erstwhile Chittor to the new found city of Udaipur.[1] The palace is located on the east bank of Lake Pichola and has several palaces built within its complex.

The City Palace in Udaipur was built in a flamboyant style and is considered the largest of its type in the state of Rajasthan. It was built atop a hill, in a fusion of the Rajasthani and Mughal architectural styles, providing a panoramic view of the city and its surroundings. Overlooking Lake Pichola, several historic monuments like the Lake Palace, Jag Mandir, Jagdish Temple , Monsoon Palace, and Neemach Mata temple, are all in the vicinity of the palace complex. Nestled within the Aravali Mountain Range, these landmarks are associated in popular culture with the filming of the 1983 James Bond movie Octopussy.


The Monsoon Palace, also known as the Sajjan Garh Palace, is a hilltop palatial residence in the city of Udaipur Rajasthan in India, overlooking the Fateh Sagar Lake. It is named Sajjangarh after Maharana Sajjan Singh (1874–1884) of the Mewar Dynasty, who it was built for in 1884. The palace offers a panoramic view of the city's lakes, palaces and surrounding countryside. It was built chiefly to watch the monsoon clouds; hence, appropriately, it is popularly known as Monsoon Palace. It is said that the Maharana built it at the top of the hill to get a view of his ancestral home, Chittorgarh. Previously owned by the Mewar royal family, it is now under the control of the Forest Department of the Government of Rajasthan and has recently been opened to the public. The palace provides a beautiful view of the sunset.

Its builder, Maharana Sajjan Singh, originally planned to make it a five-storey astronomical centre. The plan was cancelled with Maharana Sajjan Singh's premature death. It was then turned into a monsoon palace and hunting lodge.

High in the Aravalli Hills, just outside Udaipur, the Palace is illuminated in the evenings, giving a golden orange glow (see image in the infobox).[9] The palace was used in the 1983 James Bond film Octopussy as the residence of Kamal Khan, an exiled Afghan prince.

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We at ARTUDAIPUR , provide you with the best quality of Artwork. All our art work are of supreme quality and are painted with only squirrel hair brushes. All the surfaces that we paint on are accepted worldwide. We are creating and dealing in the Art line for the past 35 years.All the artwork that we have are genuine and the material that we paint on vary. We use a mixture of Natural Stone colors and Vegetable Colors, depending on the need of painting. Also physically we are located in Udaipur, Rajasthan (India).

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